Function + Sound = Emotion

Welcome to my passion – music. I’ve been a “go your own way” musician since my piano teacher fired me at age 7 for not practicing.

I taught myself to play the piano along with the trumpet, drums, and tuba while I was in school. I was writing music in the 7th grade – arranging popular songs for jazz band.

Finally, in college, I took my first music theory classes and briefly added “music major” alongside math and physics to my studies. I went through two years of theory to qualify for that course I was trying to get into – composition.

I finally got into that composition class, but then everything fizzled. I graduated – without a music degree – and went on to teach math and consulting in analytics.

But I was always writing, arranging, playing around with music.

Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis, but at age 49, it’s time to get back to it. This is my passion project, to compose and release orchestral film and media pieces. 

I’m a math geek, so there will always be something in music structure which appeals to my left brain. But I’ve learned that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.

Take the function of music structure and put it together with the right sounds and you can evoke the most amazing emotions. I still get chills from great music I’ve heard over and over again.

Maybe you do too.

So check out the music I’ve written. I’m always adding more, so if it looks a little light or dated – be patient. I’m working on something great, I assure you.

Connect with me on social media. The links are at the bottom. I’d love to hear what you think and if you’re “in the biz”, what you’re working on as well.

– Frank

Latest Song


Soaring – Film Cue

This 2’41” film cue called Soaring is my latest piece. It’s a full orchestral sound as the background of this beautiful nature scene.

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Chase Scene for HBO’s Westworld

This 4’16” clip from Episode 3 of HBO’s hit show Westworld is a chase sequence. It’s a hybrid composition of orchestral and synthetic sounds forming the driving background to the gunfire and explosions on the screen.

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Upbeat Motivational Media Background

This 2’14” track is the background for corporate video or other media. It’s a peppy, happy tune with piano and strings. The drum beat provides movement throughout the piece. It’s available for licensing on several platforms listed below.

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Lionheart – Theme

A 1’31” epic orchestral theme which may become part of a bigger composition. the Lionheart is a proud, brave theme brought forward by a french horn against the sweeping countermelodies and a full orchestral ending.

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