This 1’31” epic theme is the beginning of what may be a longer composition. It’s a melody led by horns and capped with a full orchestral ending.

Listen to the clip and I’ll walk through the composition after.

Breakdown of the Composition

Time CodeDescription of Music
0:00.00Solo percussion to set a pulse.
0:04.00A solo french horn comes in to introduce the Lionheart theme.
0:14.00The theme is repeated as the french horn is joined by violins.
0:23.00Rushing in, the woodwinds join the full strings to accompany an ensemble of horns repeating the main theme.
0:41.00The theme moves from B-flat minor and ends on a major chord to bring in the B-theme.
0:43.00The full brass section brings in the B-theme with the strings playing a countermelody that flows along side.
0:53.00Full orchestra plays the B-theme again in tutti. Underlying the main rhythm is a very faint triplet arpeggio created by the piano and harp.
1:02.00A solo french horn comes back in to reintroduce the main Lionheart theme.
1:12.00The full orchestra re-enters at fortissimo to finish off the theme and build to a chromatic cadence.
1:17.00A final chormatic cadence is built off the flatted second and leading tone chords, both in major key while the strings and woodwinds hold the fifth of the chord to anchor us to a final resolution in B-flat major.
1:25.00A final gong hit provides the percussive ending and we hear the orchestra trail off.
A snapshot of the Cubase tracks used to compose the piece.

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